Broadlands General
Practice Specialty 
Training Programme

Broadlands General Practice Specialiy Training Programme

How to Apply

2.5 Year GP Training with Transferable ST Competencies

It is now possible to transfer up to 6 months of appropriate ST training and shorten your GP training.

See Accreditation of Transferable Competency Framework for Recruitment into General Practice.


National Recruitment Office for GP Training

Eastern Deanery Postgraduate GP Education

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About Us

The Broadlands General Practice Specialty Training Programme scheme is one of the Region's leading Vocational Training Schemes. As well as being of a very high academic standard, it has a reputation for innovation and fun.

Broadlands General Practice Specialty Training Programme Philosophy

To enable qualified doctors to enjoy General Practice by:

•  Developing clinical and communication skills that reflect a personal approach to patients
•  Being sensitive to the social, political and ethical context within which medicine is practised
•  Understanding the role of the GP in the primary health care team and in society
•  Using the hospital specialities to gain expertise that will be relevant to general practice
•  Knowing how to look after themselves and their own needs
•  Being able to work in teams - understanding their managerial and personal functions

While at the same time:

• Having fun
• Taking responsibility for their own personal development and learning
• Being intellectually challenged and academically stimulated

Latest Events

GPSTR Study Half Day 22nd October 2015
Joint Injection Workshop with Mr Garg, Orthopaedic Surgeon